I have voted since I was 18 shall at 56.

I have been trying to differentiate my personal issues with political issues, with struggle but with success.  I found myself extremely interested in the presidential campaign from the before the beginning of the pre- primary debates.  Why, this go round,  I wasn’t sure, initially.  With time, it was me as well as the candidates I was trying to figure out.

I believe that Hillary Clinton pricked an emotional and cognitive reservoir, including mine, when she turned her campaign around in February of this year, coming close to a draw if not a win at the end.  Her actions, emanations on the trail, from what could be seen on television, demonstrated what seemed to be a realization that running for president was not merely to gain political power but gain it to represent people in the use of that power.  I had the opportunity to see her in person just before Super Tuesday in Arlington, VA.  I fortunately had a view of her behind the curtains before she took to the podium.  She was as down to earth with her facial expression, looked excited, humble, and got fired up as her name was called.  I felt joy, warmth, was thrilled that she was running, that she was a woman running.  As the primary season wore on, I was over the top thrilled that she attracted all ages, colors, genders, and classes.  She was a politician that behaved in way that engendered trust, by millions who voted.  Previous politicians’ fortunes did not matter to me before this election but now, theirs did, a woman was running.  Not just any woman, a person with life and political experience, who survived and thrived while a world watching her every move.

Parallel to my feelings about HRC were negative feelings about Barack Obama’s behavior; I felt strongly, reacted with anger to what he presented himself to be, not what he said.  His actions spoke louder than his words, much louder.  Gradually through battling with my anger and fear as a response to his campaign actions, his actions, I came to understand that Mr. Obama does not directly threaten me with trying to become POTUS.  Happily I came to accept that  the  behaviors that I considered negative that I saw or heard, projecting from him, would not literally affect me personally, down at a “nitty gritty” level.  It seems that the reason he is running is for power and power alone, to do what with is not known, maybe even by him.

Keeping my wits about me as well as following the campaign with any semblance of objectivity and logic was daunting.  Very very few professionals in the journalistic or political realm seemed to exhibit objectivity; school is one thing, reality is another, I guess.

Earlier in my life, from an extremely early age,  I was metaphorically forced to drink the kool-aid, not knowing what kool-aid was and that the majority of other human beings were not exposed to it.

My kool-aid radar has been in a process of  fine tuning for a long long time, unconsciously, then gradually with consciousness.

The tactics, ambiguous words, explanations for choices and decisions made, in the past and the recent past, by Barack Obama are full of holes, slick cleverness both made personally or through his website front page, or his political group affiliates, or his affiliated PACs, political action groups, etc.  He has been able to work with large amounts of money for most of his post graduate career, before and after becoming a legislator, the source of some of which remains mysterious.  Sounded, looked,  familiar to me; he, his “group” all amounts to trying to grab hold of jello, intellectually or emotionally.  Something is wrong with this picture.  I feel it more than can articulate it.  My response is to stay as far away from it as I can.

I can with pleasant confidence recognize that I do not need to get drawn in to the group that has become “Obama”, have consciously not gotten drawn in, and can vote without being a member of any political analyst label of a voter or voting bloc.  I can reject being labelled any kind of political creature, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, Libertarian, on and on.  I can vote without getting drawn in to ANY formal political organization, adhering to, taking the oath of,  swallowing the “party line” any one of them.

For sure not Obama’s; it is too obviously a front, a cardboard facade with who knows what and who knows WHO is behind it, if anyone, any one.

I have chosen to continue pursuing knowing who I am through observation of, then participation in, the presidential campaign process.  My beliefs, reasoning, feelings, interpretations, of the candidates, and why I shall vote the way I shall because of them, are equal to the professional political what ever you call them, political news director, analyst, contributor, given voice by broadcast and internet media.

I am so pleased with the millions of other Americans participating, intelligently analyzing,the written, televised, computerized data, in the process of electing a leader of of the United States.  At least on one day millions of people can have a voice.  One day is better than no day.  I shall enjoy “hearing” my voice cast.

Congratulations to all PUMAs for continuing the fight; it IS making a difference.  It has to me.  It has been manna from heaven, to borrow a phrase.

November 5 could be oh yeah, or oh no, or both.

Party ain’t over till the fat lady sings.


“Cult typically refers to a cohesive social group devoted to beliefs or practices that the surrounding population considers to be outside the mainstream, with a notably positive or negative popular perception.

A group’s cult status begins as rumors spread of its novel belief system, its great devotions, its idiosyncratic practices, its perceived harmful or beneficial effects on members or its perceived opposition to the interests of mainstream cultures and governments. Persistent rumors may follow relatively small and recently founded religious or non-religious (author’s italics)groups when they are perceived to engage in excessive member control or exploitation.”




Pseudo presidential seal campaign logo

the columns implied to remind of the Lincoln Memorial or the ancient temples of Greece and Rome, MLK or Athena or Zeus, unification as a country by Lincoln or MLK, OR consent to the authority of Athena or Zeus.

women will not be able to have a legal abortion if you don’t vote for me

poor people of color or African Americans living in Rezko’s Illinois’ partial taxpayer funded slums live with rats and non functioning infrastructure

women can magically make equal pay, just like your lawyer wife, who by virtue of being a lawyer would have known the time limit to file a complaint

publicly traded for profit insurance companies will magically bend to your will and agree to cover pre- existing conditions- and not be sure of the reserves they must have to stay in business

hope by millions that by you being president, all in Washington will be changed (despite your lack of coalitions and  relationships, based upon experience, with the congresspeople and government employees whose skill will make and implement policy

make people think, hope,  you are against excessive money and influence in politics then break your promise to go with public election funding, and use the previous to try to win the election

if voters don’t go with you, they will have 4 more years of Bush, eerily similar to If you’re not for me you’re against me, implying McCain = Bush = bad

an organization you financially support through your political action organizations (amended FEC) filing pays some people to get a fix to file voter registrations, regardless of accuracy, and pays some to actively in partisan and illegal ways encourage the registrant to vote for you, gives these people the hope that their lives will change.

“Psychological definition

Studies of the psychological aspects of cults focus on the individual person, and factors relating to the choice to become involved as well as the subsequent effects on individuals. Under one view, an important factor is coercive persuasion which suppresses the ability of people to reason, think critically, and make choices in their own best interest.

Studies of religious, political (author’s italics), and other cults have identified a number of key steps in this type of coercive persuasion:[23]

  1. People are put in physically or emotionally distressing situations;
  2. Their problems are reduced to one simple explanation, which is repeatedly emphasized;
  3. They receive unconditional love, acceptance, and attention from a charismatic leader;
  4. They get a new identity based on the group;
  5. They are subject to entrapment (isolation from friends, relatives, and the mainstream culture) and their access to information is severely controlled.”

“Definition according to secular opposition

Michael Langone states that “Cults are groups that often exploit members psychologically and/or financially, typically by making members comply with leadership’s demands through certain types of psychological manipulation, popularly called mind control, and through the inculcation of deep-seated anxious dependency on the group and its leaders.”

A similar definition is given by Louis Jolyon West:

“A cult is a group or movement exhibiting a great or excessive devotion or dedication to some person, idea or thing and employing unethically manipulative techniques of persuasion and control (e.g. isolation from former friends and family, debilitation, use of special methods to heighten suggestibility and subservience, powerful group pressures, information management, suspension of individuality or critical judgment, promotion of total dependency on the group and fear of [consequences of] leaving it, etc) designed to advance the goals of the group’s leaders to the actual or possible detriment of members, their families, or the community.” [28]

In each, the focus tends to be on the specific tactics of conversion, the negative impact on individual members, and the difficulty in leaving once indoctrination has occurred.[29]

Any of this look, sound, familiar to the organization of the Obama campaign, supported by the Howard Dean led DNC?

Do you want to be a part of this?

You get what you vote for.

I am interested to know if PUMAs will vote for McCain.

Please do comment, any way you like, an affirmative or a negative.

Bless all PUMAs.

(this post is pre debate by 15 minutes)

Statements including and referring to or implying the  the skin color of, the Democratic Party nominee for president, regardless of meaning of the one speaking the words by the speaker, regardless of the history of racial relations in the United States-from the start of colonization of the Colonies. are labelled racist.

The Obama campaign takes it when they can get it.  It keeps quiet when the word is forcefully used like yelling fire in a theatre.

Mr. Obama has the nomination, despite his skin color.  He can win or loose the election based upon his skill as a politician.  as a community organizer of the national body politic.   He does not need people yelling fire or racism, or does he?  It is up to him to demonstrate what his words mean.

Is November 5 going to be like the last scene in the movie “The Candidate” when the nominee asks his campaign chief, “Now what?”

…”When there is distant metastasis, the cancer is generally considered incurable. The five year survival rate is less than 10%.[38] The median survival is 6 to 12 months.”

…”Stage 0: Melanoma in Situ (Clark Level I), 100% Survival”

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melanoma,_Malignant#Prognostic_factors  51 references

Metastasis (Greek: displacement, μετά=next + στάσις=placement, plural: metastases), sometimes abbreviated mets, is the spread of a disease from one organ or part to another non-adjacent organ or part.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metastasis

In plain words, if McCain’s MDs did not catch it in time, he wouldn’t be running for president, he would be dead.  If the cancer which is only IN THE SKIN, it is cut out, it is gone, there is no cancer to spread.   Not only dermatologists know this but millions of persons prone to any skin cancer know that frequent skin checks, excising pre cancerous areas, stops cancer from invading the skin and getting into the general areas of the  body, KNOW this.  Obama’s dogs are barking up the wrong tree.

Physicians speaking about this, not being dermatologists are UNETHICAL.  The above concepts of


are learned in medical school before they put one hand on one patient in a hospital or clinic.  What some of them are saying about looking at McCain’s medical records, “find out if it has spread”, know that if it had, he would be dead.  They are disingenuous at best and pulling your leg at worst.

Obama’s political attack machine needs a second opinion.

You asked for it.  Your decisions, actions, behaviors, and hypocrisy of words, have led you to this time and place.  Your emperor has no clothes eclipses George W. Bush’s.




Putting your middle finger up to your face during the primaries expressively referring to Hillary Clinton, in the primaries


Giving money to Superdelegates before the convention, who put you over the top, when you did not have enough elected delegates.

No vaulted birth certificate

Your cousin Odinga in Kenya, policitics by machete

“working  my way through college”, immediately getting a job in NYC to pay off your loans

your acceptance speech in a Nuremberg like- the leader shall set you free, setting on the anniversary of MLK dream speech

your drawing thousands coincidentally when they came to listen to popular bands that would draw thousands anyway

you may have visited your dying mother in the hospital but would not visit the wounded troops you seem to care so much about because you could not bring a political adviser and make it a photo op

You continue to show the lack of experience, poor judgement, that you showed in the pre primary, and primary debates, pre convention weeks, and during the coronation at the convention.

You invite a constitutional crisis with not producing a birth certificate, by giving money to an organization of voter registration purpose from which votes after the election may be found to be fraudulent and have to be investigated.  You are a involved in a ongoing federal investigation in Illinois which may come back to haunt you after the election.

I hope you have a good lawyer(s).

I told ya



“WHEN John Murtagh was 9 years old, Bill Ayers’ friends tried to kill him….  It wasn’t personal. John’s dad was a judge presiding over a trial of some Black Panthers…  John Murtagh- ”

“The night they attacked our home, they also firebombed an army recruiting station out in Brooklyn and police patrol cars outside of Greenwich Village,” notes Murtagh. “Three weeks later, they accidentally blew themselves up. They intended to attack the officer’s club at Fort Dix.”

Lay your cards on the table, says Murtagh. “Obama’s free to associate with Dohrn and Ayers; that’s his right,” he tells me. “But don’t hide the relationship, and be forthcoming and let people decide the significance of it for themselves.”

When did Obama know about Ayers terrorist background? My search for Ayers and Dohrn

Lynn Sweet http://blogs.suntimes.com/sweet/2008/10/abcs_jake_tapper_tries_to_pin.html

…”So, did he know who Ayers was when he went to his home in 1995?

“My understanding is that when he went there, he did not,” Axelrod said.

Reporters noticed that clause — “my understanding is” — and pressed further. Did Axelrod ask Obama if he knew Ayers’ history when he first met with him?

“Yes,” Axelrod said.

And he did not know?

“Yes,” Axelrod said. “That’s what I’ve said — I answered the question when I was asked the other day. But no one’s suggesting that he never knew. I mean that’s not — we weren’t offering that. I wasn’t offering it — I was asked a question that you just asked me and just answered it. I wasn’t making an argument about it.”

I’m not arguing either. I’m just curious.”

So am I.

Missouri officials suspect fake voter registration


“Charlene Davis, co-director of the election board in Jackson County, where Kansas City is, said the fraudulent registration forms came from the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. She said they were bogging down work Wednesday, the final day Missourians could register to vote.”….

FBI spokeswoman Bridget Patton said the agency has been in contact with elections officials about potential voter fraud and plans to investigate.

“It’s a matter we take very seriously,” Patton said. “It is against the law to register someone to vote who does not fall within the parameters to vote, or to put someone on there falsely.”

…On Tuesday, authorities in Nevada seized records from ACORN after finding fraudulent registration forms that included the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys.”

President Barack Hoover Posted by: Hugh Hewitt

“Everyone wants their money back.  They want growth back.  They don’t want to pay soaring taxes, and they don’t want to pay $4 a gallon gas.

They don’t want the financial estates that the Greatest Generation have accumulated over a lifetime of work to be transferred in bulk into the coffers of the government and not the grandkids.

They like Obama.  I like Obama.  Nearly everybody likes Obama.

But I don’t want to put the country through Great Depression 2.0, and I don’t want a vast army of academics and social engineers descending on D.C. with plans on how to remake America in their own extremist image.

The race is tight and very fluid because the electorate knows the enormous consequences of the choice before them even as McCain struggles to articulate it because McCain embodies it.”

“…but McCain is going to keep making the one big point: This is no time for a rookie with big tax hikes, huge tariffs, expanding bureaucracies and a retreat and defeat foreign policy to take the helm.”

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  I disagree with the term “retreat and defeat foreign policy”

Ignoring Reality Has a Price


…”Despite everything, the biggest fiscal problem remains, far and away, health care. Based on the rate that medical spending has been rising, the Congressional Budget Office forecasts that Medicare and Medicaid will take up 10 percent of G.D.P. within two decades, up from about 4 percent now. In today’s terms, that would be the equivalent of adding at least $900 billion to the deficit every single year, in perpetuity. It makes the cost of the bailouts look like a rounding error.

When it comes to health care, we have a situation that is blatantly unsustainable. With the right choices, we can prevent that. But so far, we instead seem to be hoping that the situation will magically resolve itself, which is a recipe for big problems and perhaps even a crisis.

Let’s see. That doesn’t sound familiar, does it?”

From an Obama ad  “challenge the insurance companies”- what a joke, you don’t challenge them they challenge you.  Try being in business dealing with one or a patient fighting one; you need big bucks to a law firm like his in Chicago.

Obama still leaning forward exhibiting deference

Obama still leaning forward exhibiting deference

Which one can LEAD, has been forthright, has not fudged knowing people who were instrumental in getting political recognition as a rookie, being a part of ACORN, understands the economy versus spout condescendingly about it to some unsuspecting hall and country audience members?

Live………..?   or  ………….. Memorex?   Real, substantive?    or a plastic copy  (melting under the heat of reality, of objective journalism, of anger of democrats, PUMAs being manipulated)?

Melt image, melt.

See John run.

See Barack watch on the sidelines, saying nothing as little as he has to, thinking all his has to do is hold on the ball for the remainder of the game.  This is not Hillary being handicapped by paid Superdelegates and a press that liked the story which would gain more eyeballs if they juiced it, nakedly revealing their previously veiled anger at Clinton & Company.

Front and first and only (if you don’t provide your email) page of Obama website:

Not in this image.  Children portrayed  in images seen by millions for political gain.  Did anyone ask the children if they wanted to be in the photo?  Do they understand the purpose and use of it?  How many takes were done?  How many poses did it take to get it “right”?  What did the children have to do to get it “right”?  Couldn’t they have been out playing or doing their homework or anything else besides posing for political machine?  What do these innocent children have to do with running for the presidency?  Ladies Home Journal, People, US, okay but political website?

It is so informal and folksy looking that It belongs in the family photo album, not a political website promoting a candidate for the presidency.

By the way:

  • countryside in the background (don’t they live in Chicago?)
  • faded background, is it really countryside or them sitting in front of a blown up photographic image of countryside (he has been in so many real countrysides, couldn’t his ad makers have photographed him in front of a real country setting?
  • is this making up for “bitter”, “clinging to their guns”?
  • you have to give your email information to enter the website to seek specific information about his policies (no wonder one of twenty something the founders of a economically successful and now corporate owned website is on his payroll)
  • the movement”;  Obama is a movement?  What movement?  What does this “movement” represent, specifically?  Classic Obamaism, words implying something but what?
  • the photo is black and white, why?  to highlight the light projected down on them from above ?
  • is this image supposed to connect with every family? (Every family has two lawyers, live in a million plus dollar home, mother a vice president at a big city hospital, father a US senator and published author?)

Closer looks, looking at its components instead of the whole:

He is in contact with his daughter’s head not his wife’s.  He is in such close physical contact with his children but not as much as his wife.  Why?  What does this image say about their interaction?  Does she approve of her family being used in this way?

Looking at, into his eyes I continue to see uncertainty.  The  facial muscles around and above the eyes are tense, mildly furrowed brow.  Compare with his family’s which are more relaxed , elevated brows.

Looking more closely at the man who would be king, excuse me, president, I feel uncomfortable with his tentative emanation.

I have no doubt that Barack Obama is a nice person, that he believes in something, is obviously intellectually intelligent.  I have continued grave doubts about his present leadership skills, his ability to accept advice,  because of his age and experience level he must have to have senior advisers.  I believe in his intelligence quotient but doubt his common sense and maturity quotient.

Watch the new Obama anti McCain health plan ad: it is a lie, it says simply people will pay taxes on the $5000 a McCain tax credit is proposing. Does his campaign take us for complete idiots?

Firstly, the proposal is a CREDIT, that means, the money spent is NON TAXABLE. Instead of spending $5000 on something from your income and paying tax on it, like anything else you spend your income on, this amount for health insurance policy premiums, would be excluded from being taxed.  Right now if you can afford to buy your own insurance policy, the money spent is taxed in addition to all your other income that is taxed. if your not self employed.  ( Self employed means you pay all of the roughly 15% FISA and Medicare Tax.)

As a former business owner providing medical services, who paid individual taxes as a sole proprietor (not a partnership or corporation), who paid federal and state and local taxes of all descrition,  I know that he is lying through his teeth.

Individuals can only get tax relief- use medical expenses as a deduction from income, if they have a certain amount in expenses or through a tax deductible medical insurance account (not insurance premiums but a hedge against co-pays and non covered services) or if they are SELF EMPLOYED and buy their own individual insurance policy.

Quoting from a child’s saying:  liar, liar, pants on fire!!!!!!!  (Boy are they.)

“Transforming The Tax Code To Create Greater Equity: The McCain plan transforms the current tax code to provide all American families – including the self-employed and the uninsured – the same tax benefit, a $5,000 refundable tax credit ($2,500 for individuals) that was previously only available to those with employer coverage. Families can use this credit to purchase insurance of their choice, including keeping their current coverage. This is an approach supported by Barack Obama’s own Senior Economic Advisor Jason Furman who wrote that “we could scrap the current deduction altogether and replace it with progressive tax credits that, together with other changes, would ensure that every American has affordable health insurance.”   “http://www.johnmccain.com/content/default.aspx?guid=9b94f39b-1650-4a3a-89ef-fba8cba4c868

This candidate is NOT to be TRUSTED: “I am Barack Obama and I approved this ad.”

How is he to be trusted with the presidency and overseeing the economy?

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., walks out to speak to media about the economy at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, N.C. Monday, Oct. 6, 2008.

The man on the top, looking down on the people, metaphorically and literally.

The campaign logo looks exactly like the one for a public television station in Indiana, gee, if you go to the station’s page, the whole logo layout looks

like the station’s

have a look:


Look at the young man’s woman’s surprised look, what did he day, did I think I heard what I thought I heard?

He must be really fired up, he is using his left arm to point.

Did he say something like, McCain is out of touch (old, senile) or he has so many houses, he must be a bad guy.

Oh geez, he mentioned my voting record, he got me, what do I say now?

Notice my grey hair, not grey during the primaries, grey after, not grey during the convention speech (lotta eyeballs), grey again after the convention.  No one noticed (the change).  Notice the fear in the right eye and anger in the left?  Hope not.  Notice I am wearing a pin, not wearing one, then wearing one.  Hope people noticed the change.  (Notice how often he makes a point with his non dominant right hand; he is left handed.  Left/right brain hemisphere confusion? )

Now I mean it.  Well, if it works I do, otherwise, I’ll just say “uh”, “well, you know”.  If none of that works I’ll just emote anger, while I am on the stump, but not when I am being interviewed- I’ll play it cool, speak many words, well put together but say essentially nothing.

Clear as mud.

Down in amongst people.

real close to the people

I am lefty and I know what I stand for.  (Calm, determined, clear)

Underdogs before victory:




Changed: after Keating 5, after 5&1/2 years as a prisoner of war, after saying no to torture, after questioning Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, after being smeared/lied about in the 2000 SC Republican Primary, after he was left for dead in the 2008 presidential race, finance campaign reform.

Not changed when the people who stold money from investors and clients in the billion dollar scam and economists argued about the bailout, when he said the fundamentals are strong.  Anybody seen the sky fall in lately?  Gas prices the same.  Lobbyists for Wall Street and clients the same.  New York will not loose as much income and business tax revenue as they expected.

HOPE in all the hard working people of the US, in objectivity from the media, that includes YOU, bloggers, that the political, financial mess the country is in, by all peoples’ actions large and small can be managed and led out of by strength, experience, knowledge, steadiness, keeping your powder dry under fire.

Stockholders, pension and mutual fund managers, Investors, boards, executive leaders of companies complied with or made decisions to pump the bottom line, send labor overseas to cheaper and cheaper labor in more and more countries, to make a bigger buck.  Lower and lost wages has been going on for 20 years.  The chickens have come home to roost; the econony of loosing buying power by people who pay the same amount in taxes with less disposable income, powering an economy that relies on them spending, doing so with greater and greater credit versus income has fallen flat on its face.

John McCain did not make all these individuals do what they did.

You want change, you want hope?  Look in the mirror, then look at McCain, then lookat  Obama.  One will encourage you with faith in yourself and lead.  One will will encourage you to have blind faith in him and step in to the unknown behind him, to heavens knows what, with heavens knows how much more deficit spending.

Your vote has the power to change specifically the way the Democratic Party has run itself, the power to hope that your vote will not rubber stamp Obama’s selection by paid, some not paid, Super Delegates.

Senator Joe Biden was much more impressive in projecting an favorable image to the debate audience than Senator Barack Obama did in his debate.  Biden kept his cool, did not bite on provocative statements.  Not surprising, he is a known entity and is experienced, behind and in front of the scene.

Steady, open, positive, confident

Direct, passionate, projecting his words with meaning matching gesture.

Compare body language of Biden with Obama:


I thought, oh yeah, Biden.  I remember him in the primary debates.  Look at him now that he is given more time.  Looks pretty darned good to me.

Biden?  Hillary?  Anybody?

DNC, DRC, DNC in CO, democratic caucuses’ chaos, SD’s coffers filled after endorsement but before end of primary vote and before convention floor vote, her 18 million votes doesn’t match up to his 18 million votes-  er, doesn’t look good, shut ’em up, candidate selected by majority of non elected SD, many in primaries Hillary won (remember some SD saying “Need to reflect the will of the voters?”, Wright a mentor but I am dumping him, Ayers- a colleage on boards receiving a couple million in tax payer $’s, Annanberg papers,  but he is a neighbor, I don’t know him, community organizer- Rezko recipient of federal money through Obama’s efforts to build then not maintain low income housing turned to slums, big campaign contributor, now convicted and possibly going to turn on Obama (post election court actions ala Supreme Court allows Clinton to be sued?), “worked” his way through college at Columbia then post graduation

then immediately got a job in part to pay back his college loans?

(look this up in Chicago Tribune, Wikipedia, Federal Court records, ask Democratic Caucus goers, in democratic primary election results)




Biden?, HRC?, Anybody?

Biden body language far outshines Obama’s.  Does  Obama emanate  his views, convictions?  How can we tell when his words say one thing and his body language another?  Confusing.  Confounding. Indecipherable.  The cats and dogs I live with tell me more than Mr. Obama does.  This is change, from one cool, condescending then screaming speech to another, one sound bite to another.




YOUR VOTE will decide.  You get what you vote for.

PUMA surveillance





Lowering head, entering space as lower in importance, McCain  and Lehrer keep heads upright.


Leaning forward, lower hierarchical position, entering personal space without permission, eyes squinted-unsure, fearful, tight mouth while the other is smiling with many facial muscles, confident


on right, leaning forward, showing deference, muscles around mouth in strong contraction, tight lips, holding back, entering personal space- and hand on left arm hand contacting arm with much skin surface, enveloping other’s arms

on left, upright, maintaining ground, not making eye contact with person on right implying disregard, disinterest, other person not important, he not responding to the touch, ? looking ahead



open hands, extended fingers (arm elevation, extension forward outward limited by previous fractures), relaxed facial muscles

hands close to the body, tight facial muscles, defensive

hands close to the body, tight facial muscles-almost a grimace, non dominant hand thumb flexed- high muscle tone, closure of body to environment

head to the side

head positioned straight

head to the side

head straight

limpish hand, tentative looking, mild fear in the eyes

direct, forceful, determined

looking down, (?)concentrating on next move, looking to moderator, head to the side, mild looking fear and or anger in the eyes

head straight, head to the side, hand open, hand with finger pointed

half embrace, arms close to the body, open hands to the audience view, increased muscle tone non relaxed fingers (before turning to the crowd)

after embrace turned to the crowd, one positive & jublilant, one relaxed

PUMAs, 20% unaccounted for from the Clinton primary camp, resolved to vote:

Not tentative, not hesitant, direct focus on task

How many millions is that again?   How much of the electoral vote is that again?  How many of these will swing states again?  Who are these guys (gals), anyway? (mangling of quote from Butch to the Kid from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)

If not Hillary, then who?    Open?   Closed?    Confident?  Tentative?   Known?  Unknown?

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” — Perez in Mourning Bride, by William Congreve [C]

  • Actual quote: “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”

insert PUMA for woman:  “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a PUMA scorned.”

(It may be “…… PUMA…..” after all.)


A picture is worth a thousand words.


viewers please LOOK

please do comment

please DO vote

DFA, founded by Howard Dean in 2004, has funded and run a new ad in Virginia about McCain having had melanoma.  It was seen by me for the first time today, September 25, 2008.  The gist of it is that McCain has to release his medical records  because he must be hiding something because he had melanoma, a rare skin cancer, but lethal if not caught in time.  (Obviously it was caught.)  It also shows McCain with his postoperative dressing and his operative incision healing, a oh yuck image intending to cause the viewer to become squeamish.  The physicians making statements in the ad only talked about the lethal nature of it which is true but not the rarity of it and that any dermatologist having found one in a patient will check vigorously for more in the future.  It is not what a doctor would say to a patient who is at risk for skin cancer; they wouldn’t say, too bad you are probably going to die.  An ethical physician would watch for this form of skin cancer closely during regular 3-6 month check ups.  The physicians are identified by name but not even by speciality, the viewers of this ad do not know if they are dermatologists, specializing in medical treatment of the skin.

This ad is hitting below the belt, greasing the spitball, selling a lemon masquerading as a car.  Many millions of people who have had skin cancer, who are prone to skin cancer are not going to be duped by this fear based tactic bordering on desperate.  I am one of those millions.

“Hope not fear” on the lastest Obama bumper sticker is absolutely false and 100% hypocritical.  Politics of change my ……; politics as usual- ask many Cliinton Texas caucus goers who tried to participate there in the primary season. ask Democratic Superdelegates whose states voted for Clinton but who themselves voted for Obama.  Ask pledged delegates at the Convention how they were misled and hounded to vote for Obama, bag the roll call vote on televisioin to make his candidacy look bigger than it was.   Ask millions of people with high risk of any type of skin cancer.  Ask any dermatologist if they would not bother to monitor their patients closely for this treatable cancer if caught closely, you only have to look at the skin frequently to see it; it is easily identifyable by a specialist.

Shame on the participants, the producers, the funders of this ad and Obama for not repudiating it.

Shame is, variously, an affect, emotion, cognition, state, or condition. The origin of the word shame is not definitively known…”….  Consciousness or awareness of shame, that is, a sense of shame, may occur as a result of one’s experiences of shame affect or, more generally, in any situation of embarrassment, dishonor, disgrace, humiliation, or chagrin regardless of the presence of any affect….  “To shame” generally means to assign shame to another. A condition or state of shame may be thus assigned externally, regardless of the assignee’s experience or awareness. Behaviors designed to “uncover” or “expose” others are sometimes used to assign shame, as are the utterances “Shame!” or “Shame on you!””.

Pets have a say too!

Will you have money to take care of your animals? Never mind that they change the oil, vacuum the floor, and change the litter box but they ask when and how are you going to feed us?

Which candidates succeeding in the general election will improve your chances to answer the animals’ question.

McCain is a known entity, as was Hillary

Some of the 18 million HRC was supported by may have said good bye, for good.  If she meant what she said in the primaries, she just demolished it in post debate remarks.

This sham of a Democratic nominee posing as a candidate for president, being supported by HRC turns some stomachs.  The koolaid is pretty powerful.  Of course it is based upon fear.  Even Hillary succumbed to fear not hope.

Words have turned out to be just words.

PUMAs, what do your words mean?  What will you do to put your vote where your mouth is?

PUMAs, you may make the difference between Obama and no Obama.

Bless you all; you have not had the drink of the koolaid.