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The cougar (Puma concolor), also puma,…native to the Americas (50 states- they caught a ride on a freighter to the Pacific). This large, solitary cat has the greatest range of any wild terrestrial mammal in the Western Hemisphere (they are in Canada, Latin, and South America) An adaptable, generalist (democrat or independent) species, the cougar is found in every major New World habitat type (dog parks, pet stores, dog and cat shows, bars, offices, grocery stores- in the pet food section, deserts to midwest, coast to coast, to all the other continents of the world- they took a boat). It is the second heaviest cat in the western hemisphere after the jaguar, and the fourth heaviest in the world, along with the leopard, after the tiger, lion, and jaguar,  A capable stalk-and-ambush predator , (not a spinner, twisting words so much you can’t tell the beginning from the end) the cougar pursues a wide variety of prey.  …but it also hunts species as small as insects and rodents ( from DNC and SD subspecies). It prefers habitats with dense underbrush and rocky areas for stalking (they can’t be seen unless you look very very closely- by then it is too late), but it can live in open areas (demonstrating in numbers outside DCRC and DNC).     courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cougar#Taxonomy_and_evolution

I am the gentle cat with the long hair (above right), the gal above is a long lost cousin.  My aunt wrote this for me; I wanted to know about the election and what to expect.  She told me that my cousin would be playing an integral part in it and to keep an eye on them.  I asked her what a puma was, she corrected me, what a “P.U.M.A.” was?  She answered, “many types of humans”, using my cousin as a symbolic icon, and are members of People United Against Action, of Party Unity My A.., of the JustSayNoDeal.com coalition, humans who are voters (what are voters I asked, later she said), who are disenchanted with with having the habitat for democracy nearly decimated, no where left to roam.  Aren’t they just a bunch of grumpy old women, that is what I heard, I said out loud?  No, dear little one, she came back, they are all colors, ages, and genders.  How many are their numbers I meowed.  Millions came the reply, that is what  the numbers- blogs, hits, clicks, posts, say. What are they going to do to affect the election; what are they going to do for me, I purred?

Well, she answered, they are going to reestablish a strong foothold in the habitat, ambushing the plan by the Pelosi jaguar, the Obama gray wolf, the Axelrod black bear, and the Dean grizzly bear, to grab all the political habitat for themselves and their packs.  There are so many PUMAs laying in wait to ambush the pundits and strategists, the anchors and political news directors, and especially the oh so certain of my opinoinaters who say, “What the Clinton supporters are going to is…”, they won’t know what happened, the strike will be so quickly and in such a precisely coordinated manner.   Normally, these PUMAS go about their business of their lives, generally by themselves or with their cubs but because they are being driven out of their environment in which they live politically, they have all united to take action.  PUMAs have chosen to follow the horse McCain charging to this path.  They won’t bite his behind though, like they have done  the gray wolf Obama, he is leading to a more equitable habitat and a better choice than the gray wolf Obama,  who has not been able to alpha his way to the top of all the packs.

These PUMAs will vote, go into a little booth in privacy and make known their intentions independent of pack pressure.  Oh so that is what a voter is, I nodded my head.  This is good, I thought, I will be able to eat after November 4.

An afterthought, I reminded my aunt that not all PUMAs will vote for McCain.  She heartfeltlys apologizes (she knows that is not a real word but doesn’t care, it gets the point across).


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Alpha dog is numero uno, no bones about it, or are there?  As a dog, I say yes. but I am confused.  I am the alpha and an alpha female in the pack but we are had hysterectomies all our hormones are not flowing and if alpha female truly applies.  As far as the cats go, they do their own thing, pretend they are alpha over us dogs, swat us with (ouch) their claws to show us who’s who.  They don’t care about the bailout because they won’t have to work for it, like us.

  • Omega (the last letter of the Greek alphabet) is often used to denote the last, the end, or the ultimate limit of a set (Wikipedia.org)

Primarily, an Alpha dog is one that will incessantly try to be a pack-leader. …An Omega is then the exact opposite…. Dogs learn to successfully relate to other dogs by keeping the peace, rather than by constantly fighting to reestablish this hierarchy.” ( from a web page I cannot find again to source, sorry)


Dogs thrive in human society because their relationships with humans mimic their natural social patterns.

Dr. David Mech of the University of Minnesota, who has studied wolves in their natural habitat,… no longer uses the word “alpha” because “It falsely implies a hierarchical structure in which a wolf assumes a place in a linear hierarchy.  dominance is rare in wild wolves. Instead of “dominance” and “submission”, he uses the terms “assertiveness” and “passiveness”



“… domestic dogs conform to a hierarchy around an Alpha-Beta-Omega structure, domestic dogs, like their wild wolf counterparts, also interact in complex hierarchical ways.”

“In wolf packs and wild dog packs, age and experience are powerful influences helping to determine the rightful order, and thus peace….

Dogs need strong though not aggressive leaders. More willful dogs need stronger leaders. The only problem with the domestic pack is that we humans often do not know the correct ways to respond to our dogs’ demands and inadvertently destabilize the hierarchy. Then there can be trouble in the form of aggression and general confusion in the ranks. This must be avoided at all costs.”  http://www.petplace.com/dogs/canine-social-structure/page1.aspx Canine Social Structure  By: Dr. Nicholas Dodman.


After getting research from my owner about what humans think of dog behavior, I observe that human behavior is very similar.  This human Obama seems to be both Alpha & Omega, or beta but certainly not Omega.  He acts like an alpha  but the betas and omegas are not getting the message. Does that make him a omega or a beta or a failed alpha?  He seemed to try to beta Paulson and alpha McCain but then Dodd betaed him, just after Franks also tried to alpha McCain.  With the video showing all of them up at the table in the WhiteHouse (my owner told me what that was), the omega was in the middle, the alpha wanna bes were at each end, and lord knows what position the others fell in to, especially the female who was trying to act like alpha female but the omegas and betas weren’t buying it.

Who the heck is the alpha here? ………………………………………………………………………. Seems like the steady quiet one with the white hair.  He hangs around the periphery but no one seriously challenges him.  They bark at him but he just ignores it and says show me the money, the plan, the details.  He is acknowledging his republican betas in the House are being challenged by bigger packs, their constiuents.  The Democratic betas and omegas, and alpha wanna be try to blame him for the whole congress’ packs bailout fallout  problems.  The Obama human said someone interjected presidential policitics but did not elaborate on any specific acts or instances.  What is says is so confusing and so, well, generic.  The white haired wise one looks pretty assertive to me, debates be darned, the integrity of the pack is at stake. (I’ll be darned if I go and darned if I don’t go, when there is not any firm agreement from the packs from which to say anything on.  National Security, shmerity, what is the point when there is no group strategy and many betas and omegas want to be alphas, and no one asserting authority, moral, ethical, or otherwise.  Sitting duck at the debate.

“Dogs learn to successfully relate to other dogs by keeping the peace, rather than by constantly fighting to reestablish this hierarchy.”

This Obama human, he is assertive in tone, using words but passive in action, whatever action he actually takes besides putting his face in front of friendly camera.  The McCain human sure looks assertive to me, in body language of patience, and in using  wisdom of experience to draw upon, to calm all the congressional and constituency packs, lead them off their disorganized paths, and to unite as one gigantic pack.

My human tells me that this confusion will be over on November 4 and then she can remember to feed me at the correct time and walk me regularly again, instead of thinking up these silly blogs.  I am ready for an alpha named John.

What do you other cool cats think?

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