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DFA, founded by Howard Dean in 2004, has funded and run a new ad in Virginia about McCain having had melanoma.  It was seen by me for the first time today, September 25, 2008.  The gist of it is that McCain has to release his medical records  because he must be hiding something because he had melanoma, a rare skin cancer, but lethal if not caught in time.  (Obviously it was caught.)  It also shows McCain with his postoperative dressing and his operative incision healing, a oh yuck image intending to cause the viewer to become squeamish.  The physicians making statements in the ad only talked about the lethal nature of it which is true but not the rarity of it and that any dermatologist having found one in a patient will check vigorously for more in the future.  It is not what a doctor would say to a patient who is at risk for skin cancer; they wouldn’t say, too bad you are probably going to die.  An ethical physician would watch for this form of skin cancer closely during regular 3-6 month check ups.  The physicians are identified by name but not even by speciality, the viewers of this ad do not know if they are dermatologists, specializing in medical treatment of the skin.

This ad is hitting below the belt, greasing the spitball, selling a lemon masquerading as a car.  Many millions of people who have had skin cancer, who are prone to skin cancer are not going to be duped by this fear based tactic bordering on desperate.  I am one of those millions.

“Hope not fear” on the lastest Obama bumper sticker is absolutely false and 100% hypocritical.  Politics of change my ……; politics as usual- ask many Cliinton Texas caucus goers who tried to participate there in the primary season. ask Democratic Superdelegates whose states voted for Clinton but who themselves voted for Obama.  Ask pledged delegates at the Convention how they were misled and hounded to vote for Obama, bag the roll call vote on televisioin to make his candidacy look bigger than it was.   Ask millions of people with high risk of any type of skin cancer.  Ask any dermatologist if they would not bother to monitor their patients closely for this treatable cancer if caught closely, you only have to look at the skin frequently to see it; it is easily identifyable by a specialist.

Shame on the participants, the producers, the funders of this ad and Obama for not repudiating it.

Shame is, variously, an affect, emotion, cognition, state, or condition. The origin of the word shame is not definitively known…”….  Consciousness or awareness of shame, that is, a sense of shame, may occur as a result of one’s experiences of shame affect or, more generally, in any situation of embarrassment, dishonor, disgrace, humiliation, or chagrin regardless of the presence of any affect….  “To shame” generally means to assign shame to another. A condition or state of shame may be thus assigned externally, regardless of the assignee’s experience or awareness. Behaviors designed to “uncover” or “expose” others are sometimes used to assign shame, as are the utterances “Shame!” or “Shame on you!””.


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